1. Occasionally my cakes are on the dry side. I've read about applying a boiled sugar/water solution. Do you think this would help me?

  2. What advice can you give on a chocolate cake which is to be coated with ivory coloured sugarpaste. I'm worried the chocolate colour may show through. Should I apply two coats of sugarpaste?

  3. I usually make rich fruit cakes for weddings, but I was recently asked to make two cakes, one sponge and the other chocolate. How long can I make them before the wedding

  4. I wish to make some figures using a mould. Would one teaspoon of Tysole to 1lb of sugarpaste make a stiff enough paste.

  5. Saw a pretty decoration on a wedding cake and told it was done with Transfer Sheets. What are these?

  6. My friend tells me she is having a 'wonky' wedding cake made. I am intrigued as to what exactly this is.

  7. My rich fruit cakes always crumble when cut. I usually soak the fruit for a few days before baking. I would be grateful to know what I am doing wrong.

  8. Have been asked to make a wedding cake filled with custard and raspberries. Please help!

  9. My daughter attends ballet classes and I would like to make ballet shoes to place on top of her birthday cake.

  10. I am interested in starting my own business making cakes from home, but need to find out about the various rules and regulations that are involved.

  11. How do I go about making bubbles on a seascape cake?

  12. When I cover a cake with sugarpaste it always seems to overlap down the sides.

  13. Is there a reliable method of gauging the amount of mix needed for a cake. I want to make a 9 cake but only have a recipe for an 8" cake. How do I work out the difference in size.

  14. How can I prevent lines and creases appearing when applying sugarpaste on to a cake surface.

  15. Have been asked to make a cake covered in chocolate. I feel confident making the cake, but can you offer any advice regarding coating the cake.

  16. I am making three Maderia cakes for a celebration and the client wants them placed one on top of another. As the cakes will not be very heavy, do you think there is any need for supports.

  17. I am making a wedding cake and plan to coat it in royal icing, having heard of a product called 'Merriwhite' can you tell me how to use it please.

  18. Can you help with this query? I have not had much experience with making sugar flowers, and am making my son's wedding cake. They would like sugarpaste roses on the cake. How do I go about making them

  19. Any tips on cutting a round wedding cake into slices.

  20. I have trouble covering cakes in sugar paste when I try to cut the paste it has gaps and the cake underneath can be seen.

  21. Would like some advice on decorating and smoothing sugarpaste on a wedding cake, how do I avoid creases when putting icing on a cake.

  22. Please can you help? I have seen these wedding cakes, placed on top of another, how is it done without them toppling?

  23. Have you a guide on how to make those big chocolate curls/ruffles I often see on chocolate wedding cakes.

  24. Why do sugarpaste roses dry so quickly, and what can I do to prevent this happening?

  25. My fruit cakes always go hard on the outside. I cooked a wedding cake recently for eight hours and had to cut away the hard bits, even though I had wrapped brown paper around the outside of the tin.

  26. How are the arms, legs etc stuck on small figures that decorate cakes.

  27. Can you advise me? Have been asked to make a cake with a tennis theme and it has to be for over 50 people. What size cake shall I make.

  28. Could you please tell me whether it is possible to freeze roll out icing and marzipan before it is used on cakes.Sometimes the weatherin my country is very sticky and this makes the shelf life of goods rather limited.

  29. I have been asked to make a large cake in the shape of a book. Any suggestions?

  30. Always, always the wires slip out as I am making flowers. How can I stop this happening.

  31. This business of making stamens to put in the centres of sugar carnations is very fiddly. I can see stamens need to be in flowers such as lilies, but in carnations they scarcely show.

  32. At Christmas I like to ice the cake with red lettering on, but it always seems to run into the white background. I have even seen this on cakes in bakery shop windows. Is there anything that can be done about it.

  33. I never seem able to make the exact amount of royal icing I need, and also it does not work properly.

  34. I love the variegated ivy leaves seen on some cakes. How is the variegated effect achieved.

  35. When royal icing a square cake, I usually fix some decorations to the corners of the cake to hide the fact that they are not really sharp. How do the professional's do it?

  36. I cheat when I need to pipe a message and use cutters instead, but often find that the paste sticks in the cutter. Any hints?

  37. I saw a chocolate log in a magazine decorated with chocolate holly leaves. How would I be able to achieve the same

  38. Had a go at painting faces on sugar models made them look like clowns. What is the secret

  39. I am very interest in the history of wedding cakes, can you tell me where I can obtain some information about this subject.

  40. Having seen a chocolate cake in a shop window with a band of chocolate around the sides, I was wondering how it was done, and whether it is something I could attempt.

  41. Have tried making Easter eggs, but they always break when I try to 'get them out of the mould.

  42. I am making a two tiered wedding cake for my daughter. How many pillars will I need to support the top cake.

  43. I always get into difficulty when taping stamens for sugar flowers, and they invariably fall out. What is the secret formula.

  44. I know that dusting flowers gives them an added attraction, but I cannot seem to get the dust to stay on the flower.

  45. I am a beginner at cake icing and wonder how many colours I should buy to start off.

  46. Wish to surprise my family by making some meringues. Read in a book about a 'Swiss' meringue. What is that.

  47. When making sugarpaste drapes for the sides of a celebration cake, I could not stop them splitting. Why would this be.

  48. Having tried out a boiled fruit cake recipe, which I would like to make for a special celebration we are having soon, I was horrified to find it had gone mouldy.

  49. Have tried making these pretty frills on the sides of cakes, but they always flop. Is it my technique, or the paste I use.

  50. Can you tell me what is meant by the instruction 'Make a Mexican hat' when making sugar flowers.

  51. When I try taping flowers together they always start swinging about, and it is very difficult to hold them in place.

  52. When I bake my cakes the paper I have lined the tins with always falls forward and stick to the cakes. How can I avoid this happening.

  53. Stencils seem to be an easy way of cake decorating, but how are they made, are they painted on.

  54. Would like to try cocoa painting. Is it very difficult.

  55. Cannot ever get the top of my iced cakes level, have even tried using a spirit level, but I think it is something to do with my rolling out.

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